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Aveda A+ Rewards

Thinking about joining Aveda's reward program? We want to make it as easy as possible.

The following lays out the program so you are in the know!


With Aveda Plus Rewards you earn points to unlock rewards, exclusive discounts, free samples, members-only experiences, and more!

It’s easy to join and you start earning right away with double points on your first product purchase after signing up.


Using Aveda products and services isn’t just transactional. It means being a part of a meaningful community. We share the values of planet protection, human health, and helping others. When you choose Aveda you choose to invest in these with us and make a difference.

As Hair Essence, we take pride in making relationships with all of our clients. We want you to feel comfortable and at home right when you walk through the front door.

This program is a way for Aveda to thank you for choosing our products!


Easy sign-up is accessed in the salon or on the Aveda website linked below.

To stay on top of what rewards are available, what goals you're shooting for, or how many points you have, the Aveda app can help. We can also do this for you at the salon!

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