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Steps for Summer Hair Care

It’s the time of year for summer hair care!

Summer comes with a lot of fun but also some hair damage. If you’re out enjoying pools, lakes, beaches, or the sun your hair could be paying a price.

A product from Aveda we recommend for your outdoorsy self is the Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. This is a water-resistant mist that protects against UV rays that cause dryness.

Another product is the Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser which detoxes your hair from chlorine or salt buildup.

Here are some extra tips for locking in moisture this summer:

1. Reduce the use of hot tools

Summer can be the perfect time to let your natural hair flow!

2. Wetting your hair down with clean water before swimming

This acts as a barrier so your hair won’t absorb as much salt or chlorine.

This also is great for blondes to prevent chlorine from turning bright blonde green!

3. Oiling your ends

Hair oil is a great way to add shine and moisture. Using your favorite oil on the ends of your hair can be a quick fix to dry frizzy ends!

We hope you are having a wonderful start to summer and are looking forward to seeing you soon for a new summer style! Go out and enjoy the earth.

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