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The Curl Guide

This guide will help introduce and educate you about products we offer to nourish your beautiful locks.

Some of the best products for curly hair is the be curly line. The products can be used separately but also perform as a whole routine. Its all-natural formulas define and moisturize curls while taming frizz. Included are the shampoo, conditioner, and style products.

Dry hair is one of the most common hair problems we see in our clients. To help build your hair’s moisture back, we recommend the nutriplenish line. With the option of a light or deep formula, you can customize your routine depending on the level of moisture your hair needs. It is important to note that the deep formulas work best on coil-level curls

Linda’s Favorites The becurly curl enhancer tames frizz and adds shine to your curls. To use this product, apply it to damp hair. Your hair can be air-dried or blow-dried with a diffuser if preferred. It’s that easy to enhance your curls!

The nutriplenish leave-in conditioner keeps your hair hydrated long after washing. It also can protect from heat. This product can be used on damp or dry hair and does not need to be rinsed out.

Pro Tip: If your hair is fine and prone to oil, only use it on the mid to ends of your hair to avoid greasy roots.

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